Assmann Plastic Storage Tanks Protect Viscous Product Integrity, Eliminate Product Waste, and Reduce Maintenance

Assmann 400 gallon polyethylene piston bins for viscous storage

Assmann Corporation now offers the 400 gallon polyethylene non-pressure piston bin for viscous products up to 500,000 centipoise. This new piston bin is a sealed and closed-looped system for protecting materials from air, moisture, dirt and other contamination. These piston bins offer internal transport of viscous materials such as grease, axle grease, cooking lard for bakeries, mayonnaise, molasses and other FDA materials. The bins are also used for transporting products for pharmaceuticals, wineries, breweries and liquor/distillers.

The 400 gallon piston bins feature a rugged, durable design, forklift pockets for easy moving and are reusable and returnable containers. The bin is a pump operated system that is filled and discharged through the same 3 inch bottom valve. Materials must be able to flow in order for the pump to load properly. The airtight piston is pulled along by a vacuum as materials are discharged and wipes the tank sidewalls clean as it is pulled, helping to eliminate product waste.

Manufacturing facilities in Garrett, IN and Marshall, TX. For more information, contact Assmann Corporation of America, 300 N. Taylor Road, Garrett, IN 46738. Phone: 888-357-3181. FAX: 888-826-5329 (TANK-FAX).

Assmann Corporation of America
300 North Taylor Road, Garrett, IN 46738 USA
888-357-3181 or 260-357-3181
Assmann products are ISO 9001:2015 certified and approved for chemical storage by NSF.
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