Interstitial Leak Detection and Other Accessories Available for Double Wall Tanks

Leak Detection

Designed with a NEMA 4X enclosure. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor double wall tank applications. The control box is built from sturdy FRP construction with stainless steel lid hinge and clasp.
System includes two-conductance type interstitial probes one acting as active; the other as ground. Both probes are equipped with 20 ft. of cable thus allowing the sensors to be placed as low as possible in the interstitial area.

In most applications this system is mounted as high as possible on the secondary containment basin with a 2" bulkhead connection.

A single red flashing light is installed on the side of the NEMA enclosure that gives visual indication when a leak is detected, along with an audible horn that has an output of 2 ft. to be 68-80 dB. These alarms will give indication that the system has detected a leak requiring immediate attention.

An On/Off switch has been purposely left off the system so that when problems occur they cannot be ignored.

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