Tank Heat Tracing System and Insulation Maintains Temperature Sensitive Liquid Levels

Tank heat tracing system, tank heating system and insulation for plastic storage tanks.

Assmann plastic storage tanks are available with a tank heating system to maintain the level required by temperature sensitive stored liquids. Adhesive backed thin carbon strip heat tracing elements embedded in clear polyester film are wrapped around the tank and covered with a two-inch thick layer of polyurethane foam insulation covered with two coats of mastic.

A control panel regulates temperature measured by high level and maintenance level thermostats set to desired limits. Using different heat tracing elements, temperature can be maintained at any point above 50°F, 80°F or 100°F over the lowest ambient temperature to which the tank is subjected. Heat tracing and insulation are available for vertical tanks from 300 to 12,000 gallons capacity, conical bottom tanks from 1,575 to 4,200 gallons and horizontal cylindrical tanks from 500 to 2,500 gallons.

When requesting information, specify the gallon capacity and the Delta T (DT) for your material. (The temperature differential is calculated by subtracting the minimum ambient temperature to which the tank is subject from the temperature at which your material must be maintained.)

Control Box (115V dual thermostats, 1 high level, 1 maintenance level.)

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