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Polyethylene tanks made to last.

Assmann Products

Our polyethylene chemical storage tanks are easier to position and more durable than anything else on the market.

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View all of our made-to-last polyethylene tanks, created custom to your unique needs.

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Tank Accessories

Create a complete operating system with Assmann’s matching tank fittings and accessories.

Why Go With Assmann?

We at Assmann Corporation are constantly finding ways to increase efficiency in our process. But we’ll never abandon successful methods for any cost-cutting measure that would compromise the quality we’re known for.



Assmann Expertise

We don’t believe in keeping our process a secret. Choose from the links below to find manuals and information to guide your use of Assmann products.

Technical Documents

Browse our technical documents to view manuals, installation guides, and anything else you may need to use our products successfully.

Knowledge Base

Have a question about which accessory is best? Need to know how we manufacture our products? Check out our knowledge base.

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We can provide a solution for any tank, even custom builds.