Vertical Storage Tanks

Assmann vertical storage tanks are more corrosion and chemical resistant than fiberglass, stainless, or mild steel.

Why a vertical storage tank?

Assmann vertical storage tanks (ICT, ACT, IFT) are rotationally molded from your choice of virgin high density crosslink or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene.

— Semi-translucent with gallon markers and access openings molded-in,
— One-piece seamless molded units, designed with wall thicknesses conforming to ASTM D-1998 standards for liquid storage,
— Excellent low temperature impact resistance,
— U.V. stabilized,
— Available in natural color, blue, green, yellow or black.

Common Use

Assmann poly storage tanks are ideal for space-saving use in plants and other confined areas, and possess excellent low-temperature impact resistance for vertical chemical storage.


Assmann values construction over cost-cutting. This means all of our tanks are slowly rotationally molded, cooled without water, and build without external shielding. This ensures a quality product that will last our clients years to come.

Product Specifications

Model Number CAD Capacity (US Gals) Dimensions (in) Weight (lbs) Linear & Crosslink Polyethylene Access Opening (in)
Dia Hght 1.35 Sp. Gravity 1.5 Sp. Gravity 1.9 Sp. Gravity 2.2 Sp. Gravity
ICT40 CAD 402038N/AN/A20N/A16
ICT60 CAD 602342N/AN/A28N/A16
ICT65 CAD 652344N/AN/A28N/A7
ICT80 CAD 802449N/AN/A30N/A16
ICT120 CAD 1202952N/AN/A50N/A16
ICT140 CAD 1402958N/AN/A50N/A16
ICT175 CAD 1753551N/AN/A56N/A16
ICT200 (35) CAD 2003557N/AN/A64N/A16
ICT200 (36) CAD 2003653N/AN/A60N/A16
ICT250 CAD 2503569N/AN/A75N/A16
ICT300 CAD 3003582N/AN/A8511516
ICT400 CAD 4004863N/AN/A19912016
ACT550 CAD 5506943N/AN/A12016016
ICT550 CAD 5504882N/A13013016016
IFT550 CAD 5504883N/A13015016011
ICT625 CAD 6254893N/AN/A14017516
ICT700 CAD 7006958N/A13015017516
ICT850 CAD 8504812020723025029016
IFT950 CAD 950648317120520524011
ICT1000 CAD 1000648419020525024016
ICT1100 CAD 1100866622725032042016
ICT1200 CAD 12006410020326033035016
ACT1500 CAD 1500867422725032042016
ICT1500 CAD 15006412129532041548016
ICT1850 CAD 1850967833535040060516
ICT2000 CAD 20008610033537544566516
ICT2050 CAD 20506416545050062080016
ICT2400 CAD 2400969541245062080016
ICT2500 CAD 25008611944145062080816
ICT2900 CAD 29009611156862080099016
ICT3000 CAD 300090122568620800103516
ICT4000 CAD 4000901627828501100162016
ICT4100 CAD 41001191087828501100140016
ICT4200 CAD 4200961527828501100162016
ICT5200 CAD 5200105160110112001550189524
ICT5500 CAD 5500119141121513501600220024
ICT5600 CAD 560096196135015001750260024
ICT6500 CAD 6500105193177619002500285024
ICT6510 CAD 6510119163157517502000245024
ICT7300 CAD 7300119177202822442866329924
ICT8000 CAD 8000143142198922002800325024
ICT8400 CAD 8400119201275830653882449524
ICT10000 CAD 10000143173270030003400477024
ICT12000 CAD 12000143196340038004400534024


Curious about Assmann storage solutions? Listed below are the most common questions about our Vertical Storage Tanks. If you have additional questions about your next polyethylene storage tank, contact our experts.

What is the diameter of Assmann Vertical Storage Tanks?

The diameter for our vertical storage tanks varies between 20 and 143 inches.

What is the capacity?

Capacity varies with tank configuration. At a minimum, Assmann vertical tank capacity is 20g, and the maximum capacity limit is 12,500g.

What are the internal operating temperatures of Assmann tanks?

The softening point of our polyethylene material varies. For linear polyethylene, the softening point is around 120° Fahrenheit, and for Cross-Linked polyethylene, the softening point is approximately 140° Fahrenheit.

What is the tip-up height of my tank?

Tip-up height is the amount of space required to upright a storage tank from a lying position to standing vertically. This height varies from tank to tank. Assmann Corporation uses our AutoCAD software to calculate the minimum safe height required to up-right your tank.

What liquids can be stored?

Our storage tanks can be used for a variety of chemicals. Many of our tanks are used for Sodium Hypochlorite, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide among other chemicals. Also, our tanks can also be used for less aggressive chemicals such as Polymers, Alum, Herbicides, Pesticides all the way to simple rainwater or drinking water. However, we do not recommend using our tanks for fuels or solvents.

Related Accessories

Preserve the life and efficiency of your tank with accessories customized to your specific tank.

Fill Line Assemblies

These assemblies make it possible to fill the tank from a convenient position outside the tank. The fill line consists of an exterior drop tube, 90-degree elbow, ball valve, male quick disconnect coupling, dust cap
and exterior pipe support bracket.

Tie Down Assemblies

Tie down assemblies are designed to handle both seismic and wind loads. These systems can be provided with or without stamped engineer calculations.

Flange Fittings

Flange fittings for polyethylene bulk containers provide a means to connect inlet or drainage plumbing through the wall of the tank.

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Chemical Resistant Data

Maintain vertical chemical storage safety and efficiency with Assmann’s chemical resistant data chart.