Conical Bottom Tanks

Conical bottom tanks (OTCB & ICB) are available in seamless molded one piece units from either virgin high density crosslink or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene.

Why a Conical Bottom Tank?

A funnel shaped conical bottom with 30° or 45° slope is molded-in as are gallon markers and access openings. They have more resistance to corrosion and chemicals than fiberglass, stainless or mild steel. Wall thickness conforms to ASTM D-1998 standards for liquid containment.

— Excellent low temperature resistance
— UV stabilized against degradation
— Available in natural color or optional blue, green, yellow or black

Common Use

Conical bottom tanks are often used in process applications, because of their ability to drain completely and efficiently.

Large Conical Bottom Storage Tank Specifications

CAD Capacity
(US Gals)
Dimensions (in) Weight(lbs)
Linear & Crosslink Polyethylene
Diameter Length 1.5 Sp. G 1.9 Sp. G 2.2 Sp. G
OTCB300 CAD 300454988N/A115133210Open Top
APCB560 CAD 560305490N/A180N/A21516
OTCB600 CAD 6004557105N/A180208260Open Top
ICB1100 CAD 1100456911617321825535016
OTCB1100 CAD 11004569109173218255350Open Top
ICB1575 CAD 1575458612132545052144016
ICB2200 CAD 2200309611950060069544024 Top Hinged
ICB2600 CAD 2600458615954070081144016
ICB3000 CAD 3000309015462082595545016
ICB4200 CAD 420030961778501000115855016
ICB6000 CAD 600030143162180019002200320024 Top Hinged
ICB8000 CAD 800030143190200026003000320024 Top Hinged

Small Conical Bottom Storage Tank

A funnel shaped conical bottom with 45-degree slope is molded-in allowing for complete drainage of your tank’s contents. These are often referred to as full drain, inductor, or mixing tanks. A variety of top access openings are available. These small conical tanks are available with all polyethylene conical support stands.

— 7″ cap is typical
— optional 11″ cap
— 16″ lever-locking cover
— Or special fume tight access openings

Small Conical Bottom Tank Specifications

CAD Capacity
(US Gals)
Dimensions (in) Sp.G.
Diameter Height
ICB60 CAD 604535461.5291.9292.229
ICB100 CAD 1004535561.5351.9352.235
ICB200 CAD 2004535801.5501.9502.250
ICB250 2504548721.5661.9662.266
ICB350 3504548851.5771.9772.289
ICB500 50045481051.51251.91252.246

Related Accessories

Preserve the life and efficiency of your tank with accessories customized to your specific tank.

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Fill Line Assemblies

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Fiber Reinforced Ladder Assemblies

Ladder assemblies are available in three configurations: platform, straight ladder with cage, and ladder with cage and platform.

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