Storage Tanks

Rotationally Molded for Chemical and Corrosion Resistance | ISO 9001:2015 CERTIFIED

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Assmann storage tanks are used for above-ground bulk storage in industries like water and waste water, industrial chemical, oil and gas, food processing, and more. Our tanks provide solutions for those looking to store industrial chemicals, water, agricultural chemicals, and oils.

The Assmann Difference

True quality starts from scratch.

Assmann tanks are constructed by rotational molding, in a slow, steady, highly-regulated process. Our tanks are some of the only on the market to be ISO-certified and have been since 1997.

Designed to outlast the competition.

This molding process results in a stronger mold without cutting any corners. We don’t use any pressure or heat to speed up the process, which leaves our tanks stress-free. While this lengthens our manufacturing time, it ensures that you get a product with quality that you never have to question.

Product Types

We have an array of offerings designed to provide solutions for all of your storage needs. Don’t see what you need in the list below?
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Vertical Tanks

Vertical tanks are semi-translucent, one-piece, seamless, molded units with gallon markers. Wall thickness conforms to ASTM D-1998 standards for liquid storage. Narrow diameters for space-saving in-plant use. They possess excellent low temperature impact resistance.

Full Drain Outlet

Full Drain Outlet Tanks (FDO) are designed ability to fully drain your tank without the need for mechanically installed nozzles. The full drain assembly should be utilized where heavy solids or salts can accumulate in the bottom of the tank (thus creating difficult maintenance work).

Double-Wall Tanks

Double wall tanks (IMT) provide the best protection against hazardous chemical spills into the environment. The inner tank dome overlaps the outer tank sidewall to help prevent rainwater, snow, and debris from entering into the containment basin.

Conical Bottom Tanks

Conical bottom tanks (OTCB, ICB) are available in sizes ranging from 60 to 8,000 US gallons. These seamless, molded, one-piece units have a funnel shaped conical bottom with 30- or 45-degree slope to allow the tank to fully drain.

Horizontal Storage Tanks

Horizontal tanks are designed to fit into areas where a vertical storage tank cannot. These tanks allow for added capacity in low-profile applications.

Chemical Feed Stations

Chemical Feed Stations (CFS) allow you to handle small amounts of liquids and other chemicals without the handling costs and inconvenient disposal of drums. Lightweight, easy to handle, and self-contained construction adds to the complete ready-to-use design.

Open-Top Storage Tanks

Industrial Open Top tanks (IOT) are molded with a stiffening lip on the top cover to give the tank rigidity, and they are equipped with shoe-box style cover. These tanks are often used in applications that require mixing.

Secondary Containment

Secondary containment basins (IRD) are designed to hold your vertical storage tank. They have a tapered design for nesting during shipping and can be sized to meet and exceed EPA requirements for containment.

Custom Molded Products

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