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Assmann Tanks for Chemical & Allied Products Industries

For chemical containment, trustworthy storage tanks are non-negotiable. Assmann tanks are built to deliver long-lasting, secure storage solutions, with narrow diameters for space-saving in-plant use. We build every tank with uniform wall-thickness to prevent unexpected bursts or leaks, giving you a tank you can truly rely on.

At Assmann, we build our tanks the right way, even if it’s not the easiest way. Our rotationally molded tanks are more resistant to chemicals and corrosion than fiberglass, stainless or mild steel tanks. Additionally, our tanks can be customized with specific nozzles to accommodate for existing piping arrangements.

After your tank is customized to your storage needs, we work to deliver our tanks in a timely manner that fits within your timeline.

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How an FDO assembly boosted productivity and lowered costs

Champion Packaging and Distribution needed help maximizing their new facility. Assmann delivered a long-lasting solution with Full-Drain Outlet (FDO) storage tanks, eliminating the need for confined space entry.

The Assmann Difference

We at Assmann Corporation are constantly finding ways to increase efficiency in our process. But we’ll never abandon successful methods for any cost-cutting measure that would compromise the quality we’re known for. That means we’ll always provide a trustworthy and safe tank, in a timeframe that works for your needs.

Specialty Chemical Containment

Chemical storage is where Assmann polyethylene tanks really shine, because they put our high-quality craftmanship to the test. Assmann tanks are some of the safest on the market today. Other than safely storing chemicals, a high-quality tank can expand the lifetime of certain chemicals, such as sodium hypochlorite, through UV protection. Plus, our fittings allow you to customize your storage tank to your specific needs.

Suggested Storage Solutions

Vertical Storage Tanks

Assmann Vertical Storage Tanks are more resistant to chemicals and corrosion than fiberglass, stainless, or mild steel. These tanks are ideal for space-saving use and possess low-temperature impact resistance for vertical chemical storage.

Double Wall Tanks

Double Wall Tanks (IMT) provide the best protection against hazardous chemical spills into the environment. The inner tank dome overlaps the outer tank sidewall to help prevent rainwater, snow, and debris from entering the containment basin.

small group of tank fittings on a grey back drop


At Assmann, we provide custom fittings to improve the lifetime and efficiency of your tank. With multiple fitting types available, we offer a variety of solutions for your chemical storage challenges.

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We can provide a solution for any tank, even custom builds.