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Can I purchase tanks directly from Assmann?

We sell our products through a network of trained, knowledgeable sales representatives. We would love to craft a custom solution to your polyethylene storage tank needs. Want to get this process started? Simply request a quote!

What is the warranty on Assmann tanks?

Assmann tanks are warrantied for five years from the date of purchase. Read all of the details of our warranty here.

Are Assmann materials FDA-approved?

Our tanks can be molded in crosslink polyethylene or FDA-approved linear polyethylene.

What is the thickness of Assmann polyethylene chemical tanks?

Assmann polyethylene tanks are designed and molded with a uniform wall thickness equal to or greater than the minimum thickness requirement per the Barlow Formula.

How many years will my Assmann polyethylene tank last?

The average life expectancy of a polyethylene tank is 15-20 years or even longer depending upon a variety of factors, such as which chemical is stored and use of proper ventilation.

How much chemical weight can Assmann polyethylene tanks hold?

Good question! The answer to this varies depending on the type of tank. Please view individual product pages for unique specification information, or give us a call for custom solutions!

Are 3D drawings readily available online?

We can provide 3D drawings upon request. However, we also offer drawings of our tanks in multiple formats, such as AutoCAD and PDF.

Are chemical compatibilities on the Assmann website?

We offer technical documents for additional information about the most common chemicals stored in Assmann polyethylene storage tanks. Additionally, we have a full list of chemicals in the back of our brochure. If you have trouble finding a certain chemical, contact us for further assistance.

Does Assmann manufacture FRP tanks?
We do not manufacture FRP tanks. However, our tanks perform similarly to FRP tanks, and in most applications, they are more cost effective. Contact us about your storage needs and we’ll give you direction on which tank material is the best fit for you.
Who do I contact for pricing and assistance?

We sell our products through an extensive network of distributors and representatives. Additionally, we have regional managers and a full internal support team that can help answer your questions. After reaching out to us, a representative specific to your area and industry will be in contact to help you find the right storage solution.

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