Restraints & Tie-Down Systems

Tie-down assemblies are constructed from two separate pieces of webbing that surround the equipment and tie it down to keep it safe.

    Passive Restraint Assemblies

    Passive restraint assemblies are typically used for mixing vessels that require lateral restraint without any need for engineered calculations. These systems consist of multiple bands around the base of the tank with small legs that attach the bands to the foundation. These systems do not carry any type of wind load or seismic rating. Available in mild steel with epoxy coating or 316 stainless steel.

    Vertical Tank Passive Restraint (Band Type)

    Vertical Tank Passive Restraint (Band Type)
    Tie Down Number Tank Diameter (in) Number of Legs & Bands
    TDA 35 35 3
    TDA 48 48 4
    TDA 64 64 4
    TDA 69 69 4
    TDA 86 86 4
    TDA 90 90 4
    TDA 96 96 4
    TDA 105 105 4
    TDA 119 119 6
    TDA 143 143 6

    Certified Restraint and Tie-Down Assemblies

    Molded polyethylene restraint system is engineered to withstand both Seismic and Wind load forces. This system is specifically designed around the jobsite criteria to meet the current building codes. The unique bump stop encompassed the tanks knuckle radius dramatically reducing the tanks overturning moment. While the mechanically fastened lifting lugs make for easy empty tank placement and removal. Cable types available are either galvanized or 316 stainless steel.

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