Markets & Industries

Many businesses within the industries below have chosen to put their toughest problems in Assmann’s hands.

You name the market, we’ll bring the tanks.

Whether you are looking for safe storage of hazardous materials or a storage that will help your materials last as long as possible, Assmann polyethylene tanks offer high-quality solutions for your business.

Water & Wastewater Treatment

Safely contain waste with thick-walled, reliable polyethylene tanks.

Chemicals & Allied Products

Manage chemical safety standards with tank designs meant to span the ages.

Aviation & Aerospace

Maintain your fleet during the winter using our deicing tanks.

Agriculture and Food Industries

Achieve high compliance standards with clean in place (CIP) plastic tanks.


Implement sleek and efficient designs with custom, built-to-shape tanks.

Fire Protection/Sprinkler Systems

Save the day with tough, durable, impact-resistant Assmann polyethylene tanks.

Commercial Laundry

Handle materials efficiently with customizable plastic tanks.

Paper & Allied Products

Paper mills use harsh chemicals to get the job done. Protect your works with chemical storage systems you can rely on.

Marine Companies

Maintain consistent water levels with tanks that self-regulate overflow.

Petroleum & Allied Products

Stay safe from fumes and other harmful materials with customized, leak-proof polyethylene tanks.


Keep water and other materials safe with weather-resistant Assmann tanks.

Plastics & Rubber Industries

Store difficult to manage materials in stick-free, mess-resistant containers.

Printing & Publishing

Use custom accessories to create a spill-proof, machine-compatible storage system.

Textile Industries

Trust your storage to our high-quality, cylindrical tanks.

Service Companies

Store water and other materials in safe, space-efficient ways.

Transportation & Shipping

Reduce maintenance costs over time with thick-walled, excellently crafted polyethylene tanks.

The Assmann difference is in the process.

Assmann keeps quality first and failure far out of mind

Pentair Plagued by Filthy Tanks

When Pentair came to Assmann looking for a solution to their problems, Assmann was ready to rise to the occasion. The relationship has worked. Pentair’s owner, Rose, said, “With Assmann the quality is there. There’s no dirt. Their lead time is excellent. In addition, they are very friendly to work with and they are willing to work with us. They do a real good job for us.”