Chemical Feed Stations

Complete ready-to-use Chemical Feed Stations (CFS) with overflow basins allow you to dispense small amounts of liquids and other chemicals without the handling costs and inconvenient disposal of drums.

Why Chemical Feed Stations?

Lightweight, easy to handle, the self-contained chemical injection tanks add to the complete ready to use design. Chemical Feed Stations are constructed from high density crosslink polyethylene or FDA compliant linear polyethylene.

— Primary tanks are semi-translucent
— Basins are capable of holding a minimum of 110% of the primary tank
— Multiple lids available for either vented or fume tight applications
— Easy-to-read volume markers
— Variety of sizes and fitting types available to fit your needs

Common Use

Use Assmann chemical feed stations for the safe and reliable dispensation of chemicals or other liquids.

Product Specifications

CAD Capacity
Dimensions (inches) Access
Length Width Height
CFS40 CAD 4032263816
CFS60 CAD 6047324216
CFS80 CAD 8047324916
CFS140 CAD 14052385816
CFS175 CAD 17560435116
CFS200 CAD 20060435716
CFS250 CAD 25072436916
CFS300 CAD 30072438316
CFS550 CAD 55083648216


Curious about Assmann storage solutions? Listed below are the most common questions about our Chemical Feed Stations. If you have additional questions, contact our experts.

Do Assmann Chemical Feed Stations come with a tank stand?

No, but we do offer the tank stands as an option. When ordering, speak with your Assmann representative about the use of the tank to see if a stand would be effective for your facility.

Do Assmann Chemical Feed Stations come with the pump shelf?

Yes, our Chemical Feed Stations include an all-plastic shelf to mount your pump or valving.

What sizes are available?

Our Chemical Feed Stations vary in size, ranging between 40 to 500 gallons.

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Vent Assemblies

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Chemical Resistant Data

Maintain safety and efficiency with Assmann’s chemical resistant data chart.