Tank Delivery Solutions

Get the highest quality tanks on the market delivered right to your facility.

Quality every step of the way

Whether your site is across town or across the country, we’ll always ensure our tank deliveries are quick, reliable, and cost-effective for your business. Plus, on larger deliveries where heavy equipment is required, Assmann can give you a 24 or 48 hour notice prior to shipment. We always ship from one of our two facilities, in Indiana or Texas, depending upon the destination of the delivery. With two locations, we can provide cost-effective freight estimates from our dock to your facility. Standard packaging includes protective stretch wrap, and we can provide shrink wrap for additional protection.

On Time and Hassle-Free

We help coordinate all our tank deliveries using multiple freight brokers and direct common carrier shipments. From small, single-tank shipments to large project deliveries, we offer economical delivery throughout North America. Our experts are well-versed in the delivery process and our installation instructions will help inform your crews on how to manage your tanks with care.

Delivery and Off-Loading Expectations

We strongly encourage tank delivery recipients to have responsible and experienced personnel off-load the tank and/or equipment. Assmann rotationally molded tanks are by far the toughest polyethylene tanks offered to the industrial market. However, the fittings and tanks are susceptible to damage if improperly handled. At the time of delivery, the purchaser is responsible for inspecting the tank and accessories for shipping damage before offloading. If damage has occurred, contact us prior to unloading.

Failure to document damage or shortcoming of the vessel becomes the responsibility of the purchaser. Once the tank is off-loaded, the purchaser holds responsibility to file a freight claim in the event of concealed damage.

See how Assmann can help meet your needs

We can provide a solution for any tank, even custom builds.