Other Tank Solutions

Assmann accessories contain solutions to the problems plaguing your industry. Customize your tank with the best fittings to keep it running for life.

IBC Base Container

The BC450 is built to fit individual needs and is available with a customizable fitting package and optional restraint system. The primary tank holds 450 US gallons and allows intermediate bulk
containers (IBC’s) to be quickly emptied and back on the road, offering savings on container rentals and storage space.

  • Designed to hold chemical tote bin
  • Rectangular in size, low profile
  • Molded in forklift access for easy placement
  • Maximum load capacity of 4500 lbs
  • Mild steel epoxy coated 2½” thick grating with 1¼” rungs on center for long lasting durability
  • Partially sloped bottom for near complete draining from top suction
  • Recessed lower fitting flat for sidewall discharge if required
  • 11″ threaded access cap with gasket, recessed into the primary tank dome for protection
  • Optional ball valve and chemical transfer hose available

Non-Pressure Piston Bins

Assmann poly bins have been used for lubricating greases, plastisol sealers, and fiber optic gels. This is a pump operated system that is filled and discharged through the same bottom 3″ valve and quick connect fitting. The material must be flowable from the pump to load properly. As the material is pumped out, the vacuum below the airtight piston pulls the piston along with the product while wiping the tank sidewalls clean.

  • Reusable and returnable containers
  • 100% efficient

Misc. Storage Tanks

Industrial Mini Bulk (IMB) tanks and Industrial Mini Drum tanks (IMD) are molded in either high density crosslink polyethylene or NSF Certified linear polyethylene. These tanks are designed to hold multiple drums of chemicals in low profile area.

  • Forklift access allows the tank to be lifted and relocated when empty.
  • Molded-in baffles
  • Forklift access

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