Common Accessories

Common Accessories for Your Tanks

Assmann storage tank accessories come in a wide variety of applications and material type. They can do everything from detect leaks in your tank to keep it secure in its place.

Vent Assemblies

Vent assemblies are available in sizes from 2-inch to 6-inch. Vent gasket and bolts (where applicable) must be ordered separately. Polyethylene and stainless steel screens are optional and must be ordered separately.

Vent Assembly Sizes (inches)

Vent Assembly Sizes (inches)
Size 2 3 4 6


Anti-Foam Elbow

This assembly with 45 degree elbow and nipple extends to within 3 inches of the plastic storage tank wall, directs liquid to run smoothly down the interior surface of the tank. This will reduce the generation of foam on the surface of the contents.

Anti-Foam Elbow Available Sizes (inches)

Anti-Foam Elbow Available Sizes (inches)
Size 1 2 3 4


Fill Line Assembly

These assemblies make it possible to fill the plastic storage tank from a convenient position outside the tank. They do not include through-wall fittings. The fill line consists of an exterior drop tube, 90-degree elbow, ball valve, male quick disconnect coupling, dust cap and exterior pipe support bracket.

Fill Line Assemblies Available Sizes (inches)

Fill Line Assemblies Available Sizes (inches)
Size 1 3 4


Sight Gauge Assemblies

Sight gauge assemblies (for plastic storage tanks) of 3/4-inch PVC tubing and fittings are available in single, double and triple valve configurations as illustrated. Assembly consists of ball valve(s), nipples, 90-degree elbows, stainless steel hose clamps, hose barbs, clear flexible PVC and threaded T-fitting where applicable.

Lifting Lugs

Assmann Corporation introduces our new molded polyethylene restraint and lifting lugs system. This system has been engineered for long-term exposure in corrosive environments. Easily installed with factory cabling, this system has been certified on applications with 150+ MPH windloads. This is the first ever polyethylene restraint system that combines both a restraint and a lifting system all in one package.

Reverse Float Level Indicator

Assmann Corporation’s Reverse Float Level indicator is an excellent way to eliminate sidewall penetrations on your polyethylene tank. This system shows liquid level in your storage tank by utilizing a molded polyethylene float that rides on the liquid within.

Leak Detection

Our leak detectors are designed with a NEMA 4X enclosure, which makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor double wall tank applications. The control box is built from sturdy FRP construction with stainless steel lid hinge and clasp.

Fiber Reinforced Ladder Assemblies

Assmann provides these fiber reinforced ladders for plastic storage tanks, which conform to OSHA requirements. Ladder assemblies are available in four configurations: ladder, ladder with platform, straight ladder with cage and ladder with cage and platform.

Agitator Support Brackets for Vertical and Conical Tanks

Self supporting agitator support brackets are designed to handle mixers with horse power ratings of 3 HP or 5 HP. Agitator support stands are made from mild steel and are epoxy painted as a standard. 304 stainless steel is optional.

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