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Markets & Industries

Water and Wastewater Treatment

When people think of the wastewater treatment industry, they think of one thing: safe tanks and effective containment. With Assmann polyethylene tanks at a higher quality than the competition and a lower cost than other types of tanks, there is no other option for the water and wastewater treatment industry.

Chemical and Allied Products

Whether a business is looking to safely contain sodium hypochlorite or to manage the storage of sodium hydroxide in a temperature-consistent environment, Assmann has a solution to store your chemicals and safely dispense them when you are ready.

An Array of Storage and Transport Needs

From safely storing food products with a means to avoid harmful residues to managing the supply of chemicals needed to create rubber products, Assmann has a specific tank and related accessories to allow your industry to thrive.

Chemical Applications

Sodium Hypochlorite

Commonly used in household bleach, sodium hypochlorite presents an important storage need–expertly-crafted, airtight storage. Assmann provides quality, customized storage.

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide is used to manufacture soap! Due to its low temperature crystallization, Assmann polyethylene tanks provide temperature stabilization to protect your investment.

Sulfuric Acid

Used for PH neutralization or to preventing scaling. Sulfuric Acid is common in manufacturing fertilizers, pigments, dyes, detergents, inorganic salts, and acids. Assmann tanks provide safe storage.

Weather Volatility


Earthquakes can have significant impact on storage tanks. At Assmann, we have a variety of tank accessories to implement extra stability, ensuring that each storage tank can stay securely in place despite seismic weather conditions.

Hot Climates

Plastic tanks are prone to UV degradation, especially those that live in hot climates. Because we make our tanks with uniform wall thickness, Assmann tanks are designed to last longer, even with prolonged UV exposure. As well, we offer insulation for heat management, ideal for those living in states with hot weather all year round.

Snow and Ice

Extreme cold can cause stress on roof loads. Continuous amounts of heavy snow can cause stress on the roof and walls of storage tanks, which causes them to weaken over time. Assmann Uniform Wall Tanks stand stronger than thin-walled, Tapered Tanks. For those who live through heavy winters, Assmann tanks will stand up stronger than the competition.

The Assmann difference is in the process.

Assmann keeps quality first and failure far out of mind


We get one chance to get it right, and we never waste it. Read testimonials from just some of the clients we have had the pleasure of working with throughout our time in business.

“We chose Assmann tanks because they are high quality. The tanks stand up well and do the job. We also wanted an ISO certified manufacturer. Assmann is a 9001 ISO-certified company.”

Stewart Boal

President, River City

“They work with us to make sure they are providing us with what we want. And, they take care of the molds so the end product is clean and meets our standards.”

Ralph Rose

Buyer, Pentair

“They make a very high-end tank; one of the best in the market. And they’re ethical people to work with. They stand behind their work.”

Rich Zsigray

Service & Repair, The Estabrook

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