Secondary Containment Basins

Secondary containment basins (IRD) are molded in virgin high density crosslink or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene. These meet or exceed EPA requirements for containment of dangerous chemicals.

Why buy this tank style over another?

Secondary containment basins have a tapered design for nesting during shipping. These meet or exceed EPA requirements for containment of dangerous chemicals.

— Capacity for up to 11,000 gallons
— Largest rectangular containment in chemical industry
— ASTM D-1998 standards for liquid storage
— Has multitude of accessories to fit any specific needs

Common Use

Secondary containment basins are used to prevent releases of chemicals to the environment. Trust Assmann polyethylene tanks to maintain the most rigorous safety standards!

Rectangular Secondary Containment Basin Specifications

CAD Capacity
(US Gallons)
Dimensions (in) Contains Tank Max. Diameter (in) Access Opening (in)
Lgth Wdth Hgt
IRD40 CAD 523226202025
IRD80 CAD 954732202440
IRD140 CAD 1555238242965
IRD185 CAD 1856452164147
IRD200 CAD 20057.545243575
IRD240 CAD 2406043283580
IRD275 CAD 27564.552244275
IRD330 CAD 3307243313590
IRD375 CAD 37566662458100
IRD385 CAD 3859163195190
IRD440 CAD 44072603054175
IRD495 CAD 49569692961125
IRD660 CAD 66083644048220
IRD950 CAD 95083834668320
IRD1650 CAD 165099995384400
IRD1750 CAD 1750218108212 each 90400
IRD3500 CAD 3500218108402 each 90700

Cylindrical Secondary Containment Basin Specifications

CAD Capacity
(US Gals)
Dimensions (in) Contains Tank Max. Diameter (in)
Dia Cut Hgt
IRD1050 Up to 12007258 to 7264
IRD1100 Up to 982860 to 4082
IRD1850 Up to 1760960 to 5892
IRD2900 Up to 39009675 to 9192
IRD3000 Up to 2881900 to 10786
IRD4100 Up to 39001190 to 84115
IRD5200 Up to 48001050 to 133101
IRD550 Up to 690600 to 5848
IRD8000 Up to 78001430 to 116139
IRD150A 982 to 13018640 to 5382
IRD1550 1200 to 18007272 to 10864
IRD2000 1301 to 18918653 to 7782
IRD2400 1760 to 22779658 to 7592
IRD2300 1800 to 230072108 to 13564
IRD2500 1891 to 24068677 to 9882
IRD4200 2672 to 42009691 to 14092
IRD4000 2881 to 387790107 to 14486
IRD5500 3900 to 540011984 to 116115
IRD5600 4200 to 5300105140 to 17792
IRD6500 4800 to 6200105133 to 172101
IRD6510 5400 to 6100119116 to 131115
IRD10000 7800 to 9900143116 to 147139
IRD12000 9900 to 11000143147 to 163139

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