Storage Tank Accessories

Fittings, assemblies, tie-downs, and more to help improve your tank system overall.

Increase function with the “just-right” tools.

Assmann storage tank accessories come in a wide variety of applications and material type, and are all made to fit your unique product. Our accessories can do everything from detecting leaks in your tank to keeping it secure in its place.

Accessory Product Types

No matter what functionality you are looking to increase in your polyethylene tank, our accessories can help you close the loop on your project.
Contact an Assmann advisor today to learn what tools you need to drive your project home.


Fittings provide a means to connect inlet or drainage plumbing through the wall of the tank. All of our fittings can be customized to your unique tank.

Common Accessories

At Assmann, we have custom systems and accessories for all of our tanks. Visit this page to see the tools our customers order the most.

Heat Tracing & Insulation

Heat tracing and insulation are available for vertical tanks from 300 to 12,000 gallons capacity, conical bottom tanks from 1,575 to 4,200 gallons and horizontal cylindrical tanks from 500 to 2,500 gallons.

Restraints & Tie-Down Systems

Tie-down systems protect your tanks during transportation and weather events. We offer passive restraint assemblies and tie-down assemblies for our clients to apply to their tank systems.

The Assmann Difference

Quality fittings made to match.

Regardless of the improvement you are looking to make to your tank, Assmann has an accessory to help you with your project. Looking to ensure accessibility? Try a fiberglass ladder. Looking to release your tank drainage through the tank wall? Try a flange fitting. No matter the project, we’ve got a way to help you.

Custom tools for unique solutions.

Each tank accessory is intended to solve a unique problem. For example, tie-down accessories help keep the tank secure in seismic zone 4 and 120 mph wind conditions while vent assemblies allow air to be released and circulate through the tank to prevent pressure build. Call us today to determine the right tool for your project.


Curious about Assmann storage solutions? Listed below are the most common questions about our tank Accessories. If you have additional questions about your next polyethylene storage tank, contact our experts.

Can I buy Assmann accessories to install on my current tank?

Assmann provides a variety of accessories. We can supply you with many of our accessories, however there are certain products we will not provide for use on non-Assmann tanks. Ladders, restraint systems and such are very customized and cannot be easily retrofitted to other manufacturers products.

How do I tighten tank restraints?

We recommend tightening the cables by hand to avoid overtightening, which can cause excessive stress on your storage tank.

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