Open Top Storage Tanks

Industrial Open Top tanks (IOT) are molded from your choice of virgin high density cross-link or NSF certified linear polyethylene. These flat bottom vertical tanks are molded with a stiffening lip on the top to give the tank rigidity, and they are equipped with a shoe-box style cover.

Why an Open Storage Tank?

Assmann open top plastic tank covers have a unique design that allows the lid to be hinged and stay open. Available in a variety of colors and in sizes ranging from 30 to 680 Gallons. As an option for these tanks, Assmann offers both stainless steel and mild steel epoxy coated agitator support stands.

— Molded in upper stiffening lip on tank
— Unique lid design that stays open
— Uniform thickness
— Optional agitator support stands
— Optional S/S or polyethylene hinge
— Molded in gallon markers
— Typically used as day tanks or mixing vessels

Common Use

Used primarily in wastewater, open storage tanks are excellent for water, chemical , or other liquid containment.

Product Specifications

CAD Capacity
Dimensions (in) Weight (lbs)
1.9 Sp. Gravity
Dia Hgt Linear Polyethylene Crosslinked Polyethylene
IOT30 CAD 3019301818Open Top
IOT40 CAD 4018412727Open Top
IOT55 CAD 5522.37537.53030Open Top
IOT70 CAD 7022463333Open Top
IOT90 CAD 9024504242Open Top
IOT150 CAD 15030515555Open Top
IOT210 CAD 21035526565Open Top
IOT300 CAD 30042579696Open Top
IOT400 CAD 4006932120120Open Top
IOT680 CAD 6806948130130Open Top


Curious about Assmann storage solutions? Listed below are the most common questions about our Open Top Storage Tanks. If you have additional questions about your next polyethylene storage tank, contact our experts.

What diameters are available?

Open Top Storage Tanks vary in diameter, ranging from 19 to 69 inches.

What capacities are available?

Assmann Open Top Storage Tanks vary in capacity, ranging from 30g to 680g.

What type of lid is recommended?

Assmann Open Top Storage Tanks come with a removable “shoebox” style cover, which is molded with the tank during the rotational molding process. The cover sits on top of the tank overlapping the upper stiffening lip of the tank. We can also provide these open top tanks with a bolted and gasketed cover or a hinged cover design depending on your storage needs.

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