Horizontal Storage Tanks

Horizontal Storage Tanks

Cylindrical horizontal poly storage tanks (IHT, AHT) are available in various sizes and configurations. These tanks are designed to fit in areas that a vertical storage tank will not. Often used to store water, chemicals, or other liquids below staircases or in areas with low ceiling heights.

Why buy horizontal storage tanks?

Horizontal tanks, also known as horizontal leg tanks, can be easily moved or transported. Large horizonal tank require a steel stand that comes with epoxy primer and topcoat.

  • Most used tank type in waste removal industry
  • Thick walls allow for increased storage safety
  • Has multitude of accessories to fit any specific needs

Common Use

With more surface area coverage, horizontal plastic storage tanks are ideal for the transport and subsequent storage of liquid materials.

Cylindrical Horizontal Storage Tank Specifications

CAD Capacity
Dimensions (in) Weight(lbs)
Linear & Crosslink
Dia Lgth 1.5 Sp. G 1.9 Sp. G 2.2 Sp. G
IHT25 CAD 252323111316227
IHT55 CAD 552336202229357
AHT150 CAD 1503842556081648
IHT150 CAD 1503255505573517
AHT200 CAD 20038537095110728
IHT200 CAD 2003268657095697
IHT300 CAD 300387375105122918
IHT500 CAD 50048741201301761168
IHT1000 CAD 10004914032540047723016
IHT1650 CAD 16505915750060073329016
IHT2500 CAD 250064191650770953110021

Free-Standing Horizontal Leg Tank Specifications

Free-standing horizontal storage tanks (IHFS) are similar to the horizontal tanks above, except they have molded-in legs requiring no steel cradle support. Materials and features are similar to vertical and conical tanks.

CAD Capacity
Dimensions (in) Weight (lbs)
Linear & Crosslink
Dia Lgth Hgt 1.9 Sp. G 2.2 Sp. G
IHFS55 CAD 5526333030357/11
IHFS80 CAD 8025.2543.2530.545N/A7/11
IHFS110 CAD 11029463460697/11
IHFS200 CAD 20035584085987/11
IHFS300 CAD 3004168451101277/11
IHFS500 CAD 5004776501451687/11


Curious about Assmann storage solutions? Listed below are the most common questions about our Horizontal Storage Tanks. If you have additional questions about your next polyethylene storage tank, contact our experts.

Can a Horizontal Tank be buried?

No, horizontal tanks are not designed to be buried. Polyethylene tanks are designed for internal pressure pushing outward, while septic tanks are designed with additional stiffening ribs to withstand external pressure pushing inward. Currently, Assmann does not offer septic tanks.

Can a Horizontal Tank be mounted to a vehicle for transport?

Horizontal tanks are often used to transport water or non-hazardous chemicals. Consult with your chemical supplier to determine if you need a certified DOT tank for transportation of your chemical.

What is the biggest Horizontal Tank I can get?

Assmann offers horizontal storage tanks ranging in size from 55 to 2,500 gallons. Some of our horizontal storage tanks require external support frames or hoops to help with the structural integrity of the tank.

Related Accessories

Preserve the life and efficiency of your tank with accessories customized to your specific tank.

Anti-Foam Elbows

This assembly with 45 degree elbow and nipple extends to within 3 inches of the plastic storage tank wall, directs liquid to run smoothly down the interior surface of the tank.

Vent Assemblies

Vent assemblies are available in sizes from 2-inch to 6-inch. Vent gasket and bolts (where applicable) must be ordered separately.

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Chemical Resistant Data

Maintain safety and efficiency with Assmann’s chemical resistant data chart