Assmann Solves Dirty Tank Problem with Custom Polyethylene Tanks for Pentair Water Treatment

Polyethylene water tanks.

Pentair Water Treatment, Chardon, OH, is number one in the worldwide water treatment control valves market and produces control valves, tanks, and pressure vessels used in residential, commercial, and industrial water conditioning systems. The company manufactures most of their own tanks, but does outsource the production of three of their larger polyethylene water tanks.

Recently, Pentair became unhappy with the quality of product they were receiving from their supplier. The water tanks they were receiving were dirty and the lead time was getting longer.

Pentair began searching for another supplier. They looked on the internet and found a new supplier, Assmann Corporation, based in Garrett, IN. Assmann provides Pentair with the clean, high quality end product they demand and delivers it on time.

Assmann produced clean polyethylene water tanks. There is no dust or rust in the water tanks they produce

Commenting on the situation, Ralph Rose, buyer planner Pentair Water Treatment, said, "Typically we manufacture our own tanks, but we do outsource three of our larger tanks. Our machines are too small to mold the sizes we need. It is not cost effective or efficient for us to produce the particular sizes we need."

"We were really dissatisfied with the company we were working with. The company's lead time lagged behind ours. We need the tanks when we are scheduled for them. We only use a limited supply of tanks per year, but when we need them we need them."

Rose continued, "We were also dissatisfied with the quality of the tanks the other company produced for us. They didn't keep the molds clean. Rust formed and dust collected in the molds. When they started to mold again they didn't clean them out. We were receiving dirty tanks. They were unacceptable."

Assmann takes care of the custom plastic tank molds so the end product is clean and meets our standards

Assmann is different he says, "They work with us to make sure they are providing us with what we want. And, they take care of the molds so the end product is clean and meets our standards."

From the beginning to the end of the molding process, Assmann pays attention to every detail — the mold itself, the molding and how it cools the product. Before beginning the molding process, Assmann makes sure that the molds are clean and free of rust, dust, or debris and then they use virgin resins and never add re-grind.

Assmann's lead time on our polyethylene water tanks is excellent

Assmann's unique, efficient ovens, which rotate end-over-end and receive convection heat from an adjacent stationary furnace deliver optimum airflow and uniform heat to set the stage for the highest quality parts possible.

During the molding process, Assmann never exceeds 500° F. A higher temperature speeds up the cycle time and cut costs, but the quality of the end product can be compromised. Assmann cools their products completely by air. No water is ever introduced into the cooling process. Water can accelerate cool down, but sets up stresses that will shorten the service life of the tank.

For Pentair, Assmann molds three large vertical storage tanks. Pentair uses the tanks in the treatment of water and chemicals.

Pentair supplies Assmann with the molds, the flanges, and skids for the tanks. Pentair then relies on Assmann to take care of the molds and to produce the high quality product they demand.

The relationship has worked. Rose said, "With Assmann the quality is there. There's no dirt. Their lead time is excellent. In addition, they are very friendly to work with and they are willing to work with us. They do a real good job for us."

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