Plastic / Polyethylene Chemical Feed Stations (CFS) With Over Flow Basins as Safe, Reliable Chemical Storage Tanks

Chemical Feed Stations with over flow basins for use as chemical storage tanks.

Complete ready-to-use Chemical Feed Stations (CFS) with over flow basins allow you to dispense small amounts of liquids and other chemicals without the handling costs and inconvenient disposal of drums.

Lightweight, easy to handle, and self contained construction of the self-contained chemical storage tanks adds to the complete ready to use design. Added features such as molded pump shelves, polyethylene primary tank stands, custom design fittings, and plastic tank accessories help to individualize any customer's needs. Chemical Feed Stations are constructed from high density crosslink polyethylene or FDA compliant linear polyethylene. Assmann is now ISO 9001:2015 certified, and has been part of this certification family since January 1997!

Polyethylene pump shelf in chemical feed station (with over flow basin) supports most pumps and metering devices.Polyethylene pump shelf supports most pumps and metering devices. Optional fiberglass shelves are available for pumps and metering devices totaling 25 pounds or more.

Polyethylene stands on chemical feed stations may be stacked 2-high and are optional.Optional polyethylene tank stands, which may be stacked 2-high, support the primary tank for gravity feed.

Dimensions (inches) Access
Length Width Height
CFS 40 40 32 26 38 16
CFS 60 60 47 32 42 16
CFS 80 80 47 32 49 16
CFS 140 140 52 38 58 16
CFS 175 175 60 43 51 16
CFS 200 200 60 43 57 16
CFS 250 250 72 43 69 16
CFS 300 300 72 43 83 16
CFS 550 550 83 64 82 16

Model number availability and individual specifications subject to change without notice. Gallonage and weights are approximate. All wall thicknesses conform to ASTM D-1998.

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Assmann products are ISO 9001:2015 certified and approved for chemical storage by NSF.
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