A Trustworthy Tank for City Drinking Water Safety.

When the responsibility of a city’s drinking water is at stake, quality and cost cannot be compromised. Deer Park chose Assmann for a long-lasting, dependable, and affordable solution.

The Challenge

When a city supplies its own water, chemical storage tanks can directly influence public health and access to safe drinking water. When a previous tank burst, Deer Park decided to switch manufacturers to one they could trust. 

The previous tank was seven years old and failed due to the inconsistencies in wall-thickness. 

When Deer Park was searching for a new solution, they needed a quick replacement that fit in their budget. When they found Assmann, they found a solution that was affordable, dependable, and exceeded their expectations for quality.

The Assmann Solution

Smaller cities often face similar challenges as larger cities, only with fewer resources and a smaller budget. When faced with a critical challenge with water safety at stake, Deer Park investigated changing their storage tanks. With cost and quality in mind, Assmann became a potential candidate for a new tank. When compared to competitors, Assmann proved the most reliable, and the uniform wall-thickness became especially relevant as a previous tank burst due to inconsistencies in the tank wall. Because of the controlled process of regulating heat when molding and implementing gradual cooling, ensuring durability and resilience in each tank, Deer Park found trust in Assmann for their solution.

When discussing the new solution with Deer Park, Assmann specialists were able to speak to other methods of efficient storage outside of the tank provided. The single-walled, 10,000 gallon tank provided a sense of security for Deer Park, knowing that an Assmann tank would not need replaced unexpectedly or as soon as the previous tank.

“We felt more comfortable knowing that the people building the tank were the same people we were talking to, which made us worry less about it being built right.”


A good, quality tank for Deer Park is indicative for public health and must be reliable over time. Being on the gulf coast, reliability is imperative, as tanks must stand the challenges of high winds and hurricanes. With Assmann’s specialty insight, controlled process, and customizable adaptions, Deer Park has a manufacturer they can trust and a tank that will last, ensuring public safety with no chances of unexpected failure.

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