Corrosion Problem for Chemical Storage Solved

With corrosion causing problems for this company, Assmann stepped in with a high-quality solution meant to last decades.

The Challenge

PVS Minibulk faced trouble with corrosion in its PVC delivery piping and in the bottom of its trailers when distributing chemicals. As a storage and delivery service for hazardous and corrosive chemicals, delivering products in custom designed trailers for safe and accurate delivery was critical.

To solve for this, Assmann and PVS Minibulk collaborated on a custom, self-contained, removable chemical delivery platform that they nicknamed “the modular platform.”

The Assmann Solution

“The modular platform can be easily taken in and out of a trailer and has a small enough footprint that it is able to fit all of the trailers from PVS Minibulk. It also provides a uniform product, cleaner process and operations with additional driver safety. 

The platform is easily maintained and repaired. The same parts and components can be used across the company’s fleet of trailers,” said David Press, of PVS Minibulk.

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