Dirty Tanks Causing Repeated Issues

First impressions are everything and Assmann knows how important it is to deliver from the get-go.

The Challenge

Pentair Water Treatment is the number one manufacturer worldwide of water treatment control valves. The company manufactures most of their own tanks, but outsources the production of three of their larger polyethylene water tanks.

Recently, Pentair became unhappy with the quality of product they were receiving from their supplier.

The water tanks they were receiving were dirty and the lead time was getting longer.

Pentair began searching for another supplier. They looked on the internet and found a new supplier, Assmann.

The Assmann Solution

Assmann is different, Pentair says, “They work with us to make sure they are providing us with what we want. And, they take care of the molds so the end product is clean and meets our standards.”

From the beginning to the end of the molding process, Assmann pays attention to every detail – the mold itself, the molding and how it cools the product.

Before beginning the molding process, Assmann makes sure that the molds are clean and free of rust, dust, or debris and then they use virgin resins and never add re-grind.

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