Failing Tanks in Wastewater Treatment Plant

Assmann helped a client maintain safe work environments for their employees by providing leak-free, high-quality polyethylene tanks for their systems.

The Challenge

At the Neenah Wastewater Treatment Plant in Menasha, WI, Maintenance Manager, Jim Peichl, noticed that three 7,000 gallon high-density linear polyethylene tanks for chemical storage, installed only a year prior, were starting to crack and weep sodium hypochlorite through the tank wall.

About 400 to 500 gallons of sodium hypochlorite is used to treat the wastewater at Neenah on a daily basis. Peichl says, “We take salt brine and mix it with city water.

Then it’s run through a cell similar to a large auto battery that uses electrodes and an inverter to treat the water. Our sodium hypochlorite is only a 1% solution. The liquid bought in a store for cleaning is about 5%.”

Since these tanks are filled automatically on a daily basis, cracks and weeping was a concern. Not only were they creating a hazardous work environment for the employees, they were losing chemical

The Assmann Solution

The industry standard for a polyethylene tank in a sodium hypochlorite service is typically one year full warranty.

Assmann Corporation offered Neenah Wastewater Treatment Plant a full two-year warranty.

Assmann Corporation had the tanks delivered within four weeks resolving Neenah Wastewater Treatment Plant’s safety issues. Peichl has said that the new tanks have performed well with no signs of weeping or cracks after a year’s use.

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