Full Drain Assembly for Chemicals

Champion Packaging and Distribution needed help with their new facility and Assmann delivered.

The Challenge

Champion Packaging & Distribution is a liquid packager based in Illinois. Champion’s product line includes the bleach market, deck washes, deck cleaners, windshield washes, antifreeze, and a line of hydrochloric acid products.

Champion heard about Assmann from a local representative. “When we looked into putting the facility together, we spoke with a company we do business with, one of our suppliers, and they use Assmann tanks,” said Steve Cahill, Director of Engineering for Champion.

“Assmann was given a good recommendation from the people we do business with and we decided to give them a try.”

Champion decided to give Assmann the opportunity to provide the tanks for the hydrochloric acid at its new facility and purchased six 5500 gallon Full Drain Outlet (FDO) Assembly tanks, as well as modular polyethylene tank stands to match.

The Assmann Solution

The Assmann FDO tanks provide the ability to drain the tank without mechanically installed nozzles. This assembly virtually eliminates the need for confined space entry and helps eliminate difficult maintenance work. The FDO assembly also offers a fully replaceable polyethylene flange adapter that can be replaced in the event of chemical or mechanical damage. The modular polyethylene tank stands elevate the tanks 12″ from grade, which provides the ability to fully drain the tank without the installation of expensive concrete pads.

Champion’s hydrochloric line was originally started six years ago and its business has grown steadily over that time. With an eye towards continued growth, Champion started the facility in Romeoville. 

“We’re looking to expand growth even more and we can’t expand unless we have the capability to produce more products. And that’s why we put up the new facility,” said Cahill.

Though not operational at this time, the new Champion facility is in the final stages of completion and all six of the Assmann tanks are installed. The company hopes to get the new facility running soon and see the Assmann tanks in operation. “This is our first full drain tank, so we are curious to see how these tanks hold up over a period of time,” said Cahill. “I’m pleased with everything so far, now we just need to get up and running.” 

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