A long-lasting, space-efficient tank to help maintain a 175-year legacy.

In their search for a storage tank to hold their proprietary product formulations, Hubbard-Hall Inc. found that Assmann provided everything they needed.

The Challenge

Hubbard-Hall Inc, the oldest independent chemical distributor in the United States, has dedicated their services to help manufacturers find process-saving strategies using less chemistry since 1849. From cleaning, to finishes, Hubbard-Hall solves a variety of challenges that manufacturers face every day. The key to their work? Their proprietary product formulations, which start with raw materials kept in polyethylene chemical storage tanks.

When a previous storage tank became compromised with age, they needed a replacement they could trust. With additional challenges due to facility size and space, Hubbard-Hall wanted a storage solution they could position inside their facility to cut costs with temperature management.

The Assmann Solution

In search for a replacement tank, Hubbard-Hall expressed interest in Assmann chemical storage tanks. In the beginning conversations about providing the right storage solution, Assmann experts suggested two tanks: Double Wall, and Vertical Storage Tanks. With these recommendations, Hubbard-Hall decided on a solution that could pipe directly into their designated manufacturing space. To accomplish this, Assmann experts installed two four-thousand-gallon Vertical Single-Wall Storage Tanks with the right inlets and outlets for optimized use. With this solution, Hubbard-Hall not only has a long-lasting storage tank, but they now have a space-efficient, cost-saving workflow as well.

“Assmann is high-quality. They understand the necessary configurations to fit company parameters … It gives us a sense of security in knowing what you’re buying is right.”

Aside from the quality of the tank, Assmann holds a high standard for customer support and service, always ensuring that the tank delivered is the right tank for the job. Hubbard-Hall now has confidence knowing every necessary parameter and restriction have been met with an Assmann tank they can truly trust.

“Assmann Corporation had everything we needed for our challenges – venting and configurations, parameters were a few examples off the bat. They do a great job.”


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