Plastic Tanks Protect Product Integrity

Assmann collaborated with River City Enterprises to protect product integrity and eliminate waste.

The Challenge

In 1986 River City Enterprises developed a unique piston system to store and dispense viscous materials up to 500,000 centipoise. The non-pressure 400 gallon piston bins gave customers a system for the the storage, handling, and delivery of low, medium, and high viscosity products. Rugged, lightweight, and durable, the piston bin provided a simple solution for handling viscous products and quickly became popular in many industries.

Eight years ago, River City needed to find another bin supplier for a newly designed product. After checking with several companies, they found that Assmann was the best choice to design the bin they needed to use with the piston system.

The Assmann Solution

With the opportunity to reimagine their tanks before them, Assmann and River City set to work designing their new, custom tank. They opted for a design with a narrow diameter for space saving in-plant use.

The Assmann tanks are also translucent, so the product level can be easily seen. River City liked the fact that the product was visible and customers could see the amount of product remaining.

The River City piston system used with the Assmann tanks is pump operated. The system fills and discharges the product from a bottom 3″ valve and quick connect fitting.

Since 1996, Assmann has been supplying River City with these specifically-engineered, custom tanks.

Commenting on the Assmann plastic storage tanks, Stewart Boal, President of River City said, “We chose Assmann tanks because they are high quality. The tanks stand up well and do the job. We also wanted an ISO certified manufacturer. Assmann is a 9001 ISO-certified company.”

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