Assmann storage tanks: the top choice for chemical manufacturers

When delivering chemicals that businesses depend on for success, the right storage tank is just as important as the products provided. See why Surpass Chemical Company chooses Assmann tanks to store their client’s chemicals time and time again.

The Challenge

Surpass Chemical Company’s search was two-fold: find storage tanks that not only met customers’ high standards, but also their own. As a state-of-the-art chemical manufacturer, Surpass Chemical needed storage tanks they could trust in their manufacturing process and tanks they could provide to customers for storing even the harshest chemicals, such as Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrochloric Acid.

The stakes were high. Surpass Chemical has built its reputation on high-quality, long-lasting chemical products. Any deviation from that could result in customers not returning.

The Assmann Solution

In their dedication to quality, Surpass Chemical developed a partnership with Assmann. In their own business, they use four Assmann tanks: one to make CIP (clean-in-place) products, two tanks as main blending tanks to store photography fixer, and the other as a process tank, to utilize in case of unexpected error.

When they sell Assmann tanks to their customers, the tanks are primarily used to store Bleach or Sodium Hypochlorite. Because Surpass Chemical provides the chemicals, the tanks that store them are of equal importance to the sale, and to providing an exceptional customer experience. The quality of tank is half the solution, while the tank supplier has its influence as well. With Assmann, Surpass Chemical customers can also choose tanks and get them designed specifically for their facility.

“Once we settle on one of the tank models, the real work begins — the design of the tank. Assmann sends over a sheet, and we sit down with the customer and look over the recommendations. There’s a whole back-and-forth aspect between me, the customer, and Assmann, and at the end of the day we get the most important thing—the customer signs the drawing of the tank, and then Assmann makes the tank to their specifications exactly.”

 Beyond the sale, Assmann is committed to resolving any issues right away, keeping our process as smooth as possible for our customers. That means we are committed to solving any issues our tanks may cause at no inconvenience to our clients.

“When there was an issue, the response from Assmann Corporation was perfect. Assmann left nothing to be desired – they were quick and prompt, and the response showed us that they’re the type of company we wanted to work with.”

A high-quality, trustworthy tank is imperative for companies who rely on safe chemical storage. Whether it’s a CIP tank used on a dairy farm to aid in machinery disinfection, or photo development chemicals used to capture tangible memories, a durable tank offers peace of mind and makes the work easier. That’s what Assmann strives to deliver.

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