Corrosion Causes Problems for Chemical Storage and Delivery Company

Polyethylene water tanks

Custom designed trailer by Stainless Tank & Equipment for PVS Minibulk, Inc.

PVS Minibulk, Inc. faced trouble with corrosion in its PVC delivery piping and in the bottom of its trailers when distributing chemicals. PVS Minibulk (part of PVS Chemicals, Inc.) is a storage and delivery service for hazardous and corrosive chemicals, delivering products in custom designed trailers for safe and accurate delivery. The PVS Minibulk chemical distribution fleet includes roughly 30 trailers; these trailers are one, two and three compartment styles. With the corrosion to the piping and the trailers having the potential for safety and health issues, PVS Minibulk collaborated with Jacob Press' Sons, Inc., Salco Products, Inc. and Assmann Corporation of America for a solution.

Left to right Griffin Schiele - Salco Products Inc David Press - Jacob Press Sons Inc Dan Comp - PVS Minibulk Inc Al McAlpine - PVS Minibulk Inc

(Left to right) Griffin Schiele - Salco Products, Inc.; David Press - Jacob Press' Sons, Inc.; Dan Comp - PVS Minibulk, Inc. Al McAlpine - PVS Minibulk, Inc.

Dan Comp, Director of Operations, and Al McAlpine, Operations Manager, from PVS Minibulk, decided to contact Stainless Tank & Equipment (STE) in Beloit, Wisconsin for a custom designed trailer to help combat this problem. The new trailer would be built from scratch, something PVS Minibulk hadn't done in nearly ten years. A two compartment trailer, with 2,500 gallons per compartment, was supplied to begin the process.

Designing a Chemical Delivery System

Four family-owned companies collaborated to create a chemical delivery system with pump tranfer assembly and polytthylene spill containment unity

Four family-owned companies collaborated to create a chemical delivery system with pump tranfer assembly and polytthylene spill containment unity.

In addition to the new, custom designed trailer being built, four family-owned companies began to collaborate to design a self-contained, removable chemical delivery platform for this trailer, as well as the other PVS Minibulk trailers. The idea for the modular unit originated with David Press, President of Jacob Press' Sons, Inc., a family-owned company offering regional and nationwide retrofits and repairs for delivery transport vehicles/trucks and other bulk delivery systems since 1859.

"The modular platform can be easily taken in and out of a trailer and has a small enough footprint that it is able to fit all of the trailers from PVS Minibulk. It also provides a uniform product, cleaner process and operations with additional driver safety. The platform is easily maintained and repaired. The same parts and components can be used across the company's fleet of trailers," said Press.

David Press and Griffin Schiele with the new self-contained removable chemical delivery system

David Press and Griffin Schiele with the new self-contained, removable chemical delivery system.

As the idea began to form for the system, PVS suggested that David Press contact Salco Products, Inc. Salco Products creates plastic and metal products used in tank cars, hopper cars and containers. Josh Chesser, Vice President, Sales and Marketing Services, at Salco was contacted regarding the company's ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) parts and their use for the pump transfer system. The UHMW parts would be used to the replace the existing PVC piping, which was being corroded by the aggressive chemicals. Salco's Griffin Schiele, Product Development Engineer, Jr., has extensive CAD experience and was chosen to custom engineer the parts to be used for the platform. Dan Comp, from PVS, said, "With his youth and drive, he just kept pushing to get this done. It was good for us."

left to right David Press Dan Comp and Al McAlpine examine the new chemcial delivery system

(left to right) David Press, Dan Comp, and Al McAlpine examine the new chemcial delivery system.

As the pump assembly was being built, the question arose as to whether or not it would be placed on a stainless steel spill shelf. Al McAlpine suggested polyethylene instead because of its high chemical resistance. McAlpine even recommended a company, Assmann Corporation of America. Al had previous experience with Assmann from which he had purchased a variety of 165 to 2,500 gallon, single and double wall polyethylene tanks.

Al contacted Steve Rowlison, VP Sales and Marketing from Assmann, about creating a sturdy, polyethylene spill containment unit to which the pump transfer system could be mounted. Custom tooling on the spill containment shelf was finished in about four to six weeks and a prototype was shipped to David Press, who received the part without any problems. McAlpine said, "I was happy with Assmann's quick tooling and fast service."

left to right Josh Chesser - Salco Products Inc Al McAlpine - PVS Minibulk Inc Steve Rowlison - Assmann Corporation of America Dan Comp Jphn Purvis of PVS Minibulk Inc David Press - Jacob Press Sons Inc and Griffin Schiele - Salco Products Inc collaborated to create a delivery ssytem for PVS minibulk trailers

(Left to right) Josh Chesser - Salco Products, Inc.; Al McAlpine - PVS Minibulk, Inc.; Steve Rowlison - Assmann Corporation of America; Dan Comp, John Purvis of PVS Minibulk, Inc; David Press - Jacob Press' Sons, Inc. and Griffin Schiele - Salco Products, Inc., collaborated to create a delivery ssytem for PVS minibulk trailers.

After every component was tested, the completed chemical delivery platform, which included the pump transfer assembly and polyethylene spill containment unit, was installed in the trailer. With the new platform utilizing ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene parts and a polyethylene spill containment unit, PVS Minibulk hopes to eliminate the corrosion concerns that affected its previous equipment. The company would also like to eventually install more of these systems in other trailers. Four family-owned companies were able to collaborate and combine their experience, knowledge and technology to develop this system.

Four Family-Owned Companies

PVS Minibulk, Inc. is a division of PVS Chemicals, Inc., offering storage and delivery services for hazardous and corrosive chemicals in order to help reduce or eliminate the use of drums and totes for storing or handling these chemicals. The company was started with PVS Chemicals in 1945 by Floyd "Nick" Nicholson, as small or "minibulk" distribution service for boiler and pressure vessel cleaning. In 1955, Nicholson began deliveries of hydrochloric acid and PVS moved into serving the chemical industry. The company also operates by a list of guidelines started by Nicholson, which are named the Nicholson Nine:

  • Safety is #1.
  • We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.
  • We are a family.
  • We understand the importance of our suppliers.
  • We are afraid not to change.
  • We never stop learning.
  • We work hard and have fun.
  • We want to be the best.
  • We always do what is right.

Today, products available from PVS Minibulk for storage and delivery include sodium hydroxide, sulfuric acid, ferric chloride, potassium hydroxide and more. PVS Minibulk delivers products safely and accurately using custom designed and engineered trailers. Industries served include water treatment, electronics, metal finishing and plating, food and pharmaceutical, manufacturing and public utilities and municipalities.

Left to right Griffin Schiele Dam Comp Al McAlpine David Press and Josh Chesser - Salco Products Inc discuss ideas and technology

(Left to right) Griffin Schiele, Dam Comp, Al McAlpine, David Press and Josh Chesser - Salco Products, Inc., discuss ideas and technology.

Jacob Press' Sons, Inc. offers repairs and retrofits for delivery transport vehicles and other bulk delivery systems on a regional and nationwide level. Started in 1859, it is a family owned company.

Started in 1983, Salco Products, Inc. designs and manufactures plastic and metal products for tank cars, hopper cars and containers for railroad, trucking, food, chemical, petroleum, plastic, mineral and other industries in North America. Corporate headquarters are in Lemont, IL with a sales and distribution facility in Tomball, TX.

Assmann Corporation of America, incorporated in 1980, manufactures corrosion resistant polyethylene tanks and containers in a variety of shapes and capacities up to 12,000 gallons. Constructed from virgin high-density crosslink or FDA-compliant linear polyethylene, the tanks and containers are used to store and transport corrosive and hazardous materials. Assmann linear polyethylene tanks are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and high-density crosslink resin tanks are certified for chemical storage. Assmann's quality management system is also ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

Assmann Corporation of America
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Assmann products are ISO 9001:2015 certified and approved for chemical storage by NSF.
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