Empowering Municipalities: Advancing Chemical Storage Solutions for Water Treatment and Deicing

January 1, 2024|
Assmann Corporation

In the realm of municipal management, efficient chemical storage plays a pivotal role, especially in critical areas such as water treatment and deicing solutions. Municipalities, including those served by Assmann Corporation, heavily rely on advanced chemical storage solutions to ensure the safety and well-being of their communities.

The Necessity of Robust Chemical Storage: Effective water treatment is a cornerstone of public health, and municipalities need reliable systems to store various chemicals used in the treatment process. Assmann’s commitment to municipal customers, as showcased in their Deer Park case study, highlights the importance of trustworthy tanks in ensuring the safety of city drinking water. When faced with the urgent need for a reliable and budget-friendly solution, Deer Park turned to Assmann Corporation to address their water quality and safety concerns. For Deer Park, Assmann’s solutions become an integral part of maintaining the highest standards in water quality and safety.

Challenges and Solutions in Storing Deicing Chemicals: In colder regions, the need for deicing solutions becomes paramount for maintaining public safety and infrastructure integrity. Municipalities, like the Maine Department of Transportation (Maine DOT), face unique challenges in storing deicing chemicals effectively. In response to the challenges posed by severe storms, the Maine Department of Transportation (Maine DOT) initiated a forward-thinking pilot program. The program involved the application of a salt brine solution directly onto highways, effectively keeping the roads wet for approximately two hours. This innovative approach provided the maintenance crews with crucial additional response time during adverse weather conditions. However, the success of this storm response strategy relied heavily on the effective storage of the salt brine solution. The storage tanks needed to be weather-resistant and suitable for outdoor use to withstand the harsh conditions they would inevitably face. Maine DOT began seeking a solution that would meet the stringent criteria of durability and reliability. According to Slocum, a representative from the Maine DOT, Assmann was chosen because they offered the best product that aligned with the specific requirements of the project.

Assmann’s Tailored Solutions for Municipal Management:
Assmann Corporation takes a tailored approach to meet the diverse needs of municipal management. The Water and Wastewater Treatment page showcases a range of solutions designed to address specific challenges faced by municipalities. From drinking water safety to storm response efficiency, Assmann’s tanks prove to be trustworthy and adaptable.

Explore in-depth case studies, such as Assmann’s collaboration with Deer Park and the Maine DOT, to understand how advanced chemical storage solutions are transforming municipal management. Discover the technology, reliability, and innovation behind Assmann’s tanks and how they contribute to the overall well-being of communities.

As communities face evolving challenges, Assmann Corporation stands as a reliable partner, providing tailored solutions to enhance municipal management across the nation.

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