Sight Gauge Assembly and Passive Restraints included in line of Plastic Tank Accessories

Single, Double and Triple Valve Sight Gauges for polytanks

Sight Gauge Assemblies in Three Configurations

Sight gauge assemblies (for plastic storage tanks) of 3/4-inch PVC tubing and fittings are available in single, double and triple valve configurations as illustrated. Assembly consists of ball valve(s), nipples, 90° elbows, stainless steel hose clamps, hose barbs, clear flexible PVC and threaded T-fitting where applicable. Through-wall fittings and/or bulkhead fittings (shown in illustration) are not included and must be ordered separately.

Single Valve
Sight Gauge
Double Valve
Sight Gauge
Triple Valve
Sight Gauge
Passive Restraint Assemblies for Plastic Storage Tanks

Passive Restraint Assemblies for Vertical Plastic Tanks

Passive restraints for vertical tanks are available in ten different diameters.

Vertical Tank Passive Restraint (Band Type)
Tie Down Number Tank Diameter (in) Number of Legs & Bands
TDA 35 35 3
TDA 48 48 4
TDA 64 64 4
TDA 69 69 4
TDA 86 86 4
TDA 90 90 4
TDA 96 96 4
TDA 105 105 4
TDA 119 119 6
TDA 143 143 6


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